Meditation Teachers Training Program


This is a complete multi-media home study course to train you in the profound art of meditation, and make you capable of training others as well.  Today there is no greater need than spiritual teachers and guides, and there is no greater calling either.  This program is designed to help you become a master meditator and raise your level of consciousness, and also, to teach you how to help others do the same.  This program fulfills my vision to create great teachers to spread the light of wisdom and Truth and it is my deepest pleasure and honor to offer it to you all.
In this program, I do not withhold any wisdom or knowledge.  The Mastery of Meditation Training Manual used in this program is a 370 page fully illustrated e-book, which consists of material developed and perfected over 3 years. 
In this program, I will not just teach you all there is to know about meditation, yoga for meditation and pranayama, but I will also share with you all the industry secrets on how to run a successful meditation center and a high traffic yoga and meditation web site.  This will let you earn a living, while walking this noblest of paths. READ MORE